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This is what has been keeping me away from SGL the last few days

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I have been kept very busy over the Whitsunday weekend removing two trees from the garden. The biggest was a plum tree that seriously blocked views to the west and southwest, and tended to produce plums only during our summer vacation, treating us to a layer of fermenting and "fluffy" plums on the ground, with complementary squadrons of wasps upon our return. The other was a small pear tree overhanging the municipal pond at the end of the garden. It may have produced some edible pears over the years, but these invariably fell into said pond. Both have been cleared now, and my western sky is much more accessible.


I am much more acutely aware of the exact location of almost all muscles in my body, of course.

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Well done Mick. I like the look of the garden. Its very private and not overlooked by neighbours and yet the hedges along 2 sides are low enough to give maximum views of the night sky. Shame the plums and pears had to go but if the wasps or the pond got to them before you could............they served no purpose anyway.

The trees at the south end of my garden are about as tall as the ones at the end of yours and are in full summer bloom, so my view south (not that i ever had any) is completely gone now till Autumn. Glad i left them there though because the university (Maynooth) behind my house are nearing the completion of a new 15 storey wing. 

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2 minutes ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

We still have a pear tree, an apple tree, and a quince tree we planted a few years back. Then there is the blueberry bush, the vine, and lots of strawberries, so plenty of fruit left.

OK stop already. I'm drooling at the thoughts of having fresh fruit growing in my garden.

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