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meade polaris 90 eq

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Can you post a link to this solar filter you've bought? A suitable solar filter will cover the entirety of the front of the scope so if what you've bought screws into the eyepiece or diagonal then on its own it is not suitable. You also have to be careful that any filter is designed for visual observations and not for cameras as the two are different. Generally if you're not sure if a solar filter is safe then I would suggest you assume that it is not. 

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If you have a good quality solar filter by a reputable brand which fits firmly over the front of the telescope, the manufacturer doesn't matter. I may be wrong BUT I have never seen a solar filter specifically marketed by Skywatcher. Brands I do know of include Baader, Thousand Islands, Seymour and Orion - I'm sure there are several others.

Filters can be made of either special glass or mylar film. Always check there is no damage.

This video gives an idea of how to fit an Orion solar filter - other brands will fit similarly.

If your filter does not fit siimilarly, DO NOT USE IT

And don't forget to remove the finderscope.


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Does the filter fit on the telescope? If a reputable retailer sold the scope and filter together I would hope that they are compatible. However, as I said before, solar is not something to take chances with, even a filter that fits could be more securely fitted by taping it in place. If you are looking to buy a filter then something like an Astrozap filter would be a good bet. They are universal so you just measure the outside diameter of the scope and buy the one that fits.

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