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Hercules stars !

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I was reminded of this post some time ago, last night gave some lovely observing , ending with a close split. Hercules , although not endowed with dark sky targets does present some super stars,

"Rasalgethi (α) gives a lovely orange and blue at x150 for this 4.8" split.
Sarin (δ) outside the glow of the +3.1 primary at 11.0" there's the blue companion at 11.0".
Kappa , a 27.4" split at x50 showing yellow orange and unrelated red (SAO 101951)
Gamma, a 43.0" split , a white giant with a delicate unrelated companion (SAO 102107)
Σ2063 ,a yellow and red at x50 .
42 Herculis , a triple orange and blue with a wide companion at x50.
Σ2085 ,a yellow and blue , most delicate at x216.
46 Herculis a delicate 5.3".(SAO 84577)
56 Herculis a yellow and red at x150.
ΟΣ318 a yellow and blue at x50 with a 2.9" split.(SAO 102488)
Σ2120 a yellow / orange and blue at x50 at 17h04.8m. +28 05'
Σ2142 a white blue at x120 with an opposing double in the fov.
Σ2178 ,a "mini Albireo" (SAO 66085) an orange and sapphire at 10.5".
Σ2224 companion +10 at 7.6", spotted at x150.
90 Herculis bright 1.5" split at x260.
95 Herculis near identical pair , brightly brilliant at 6.3".
ΟΣ341 a multiple group from A-G looking like a mini cluster"

very clear skies ! Nick.


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Great post Nick! Oh and I'm back! well soon anyways. I'm thinking a goto mount is needed to compete here- how big for a SW120ED/binos?

Or I guess I can just slog away at the doubles again :grin:

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