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How many of you guys, or perhaps the lady of the house, has some knowledge in using Velcro. I have acquired some 6" wide, genuine manufactures self adhesive material and require to cut and butt joint several pieces together, as I am in the process of making some large sanding machine discs.

It is noted that there is a plain edge to the pieces, what I think is called a selvedge. What I would like to know, from those with previous experience, if I cut this edge off to make a butt joint, will the stuff fray and the little tiny nylon hooks start to come off, I have tried emailing the main company for information, but with no response. I could, of course, try cutting some of it to see, but what I have will just do what I want and it is expensive :) 

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Unfortunately in my experience Velcro frays like crazy . You could try cutting it with a hotknife, or even with an old flat soldering iron tip. Maybe cut it as normal and then seal the edges with superglue.

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