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  1. Should be no need to go for a linear, switchmode is the way forward (safe and self limiting by design), make a ripple board with a couple of smoothing capacitors on the input and output, a couple of diodes in the middle to protect against reverse polarity and all should be fine. Generally most modern psu's are pretty "clean" anyway almost negligible transients. Rob
  2. It would be interesting to see how these things operate on a varialbe bench power suuply. Give 'em 11.8. FAIL Give them 13.2 OK But even that doesn't make sense. Nearly all electronic components have a certain tolerance, the cheaper the component the wider the specification tolerance, and probably the narrower the operating tolerance. and versi vicer. I can't believe that the operating tolerances in this kit is that poor ( or maybe I can). There must be some fundamental flaw in the synscan system that makes it so voltage/current sensitive. Even my cheapo Meade GOTO will run at 9-14 volts. I recently bought some "expensive" capacitors (not really) to build an oscilloscope, their tolorance rating when I tested them was appalling. but the machine works accurately. I believe it's not so much about the components, but about the design whole. Celestron, get your act together.
  3. Hi Frank, again sorry for delay due to illness. IT'S ON ITS WAY
  4. Thanks guys and gals, looks like I might have to go to the golf club at weekend for a pint. I know the main man involved and he is a lovely chap, I just didn't want to impinge on his space or time, but nothing ventured nothing gained................... he can only tell me where to tee off.
  5. Amazed at your honesty, does anyone admit owning a placcy bumper? my sister had a sprite, lovely wire wheels and all that, shame the floor pan fell out going round a corner!
  6. Tis, but next week I will be mostly eating mangle wurzels.
  7. I love getting into banter on SGL and I realise that my sense of humour is not that of everyone, I do not intend to be offensive or flaunt the rules. It is time for some seriousness. I have been in contact with a couple of members, local to me, concerning a half built observatory, (which is in, let's say a no funding situation) I know, by association one of the owners/trustees, my problem is, I don't feel comfortable approaching him directly. It pains me greatly that there are two domes, 1 mile from my house rusting away, and repairable. I would not have any considerable finances to put into this project, but lots of enthusiasm, and building abilities. SO the bottom line is, do I make a "of myself and say what's going on with the obsy? or do I try to get some locals on board with a united front?
  8. "This week, I will be mostly eating turnips".
  9. Must go to that opticians, I read it as " I'm an astronomy babel". I can hear the stars and understand them (and talk back to them).
  10. Tested the 'scope today, IT LIVES. Tried it on its own calibration circuit, perfect square wave at 1Khz, 2vac (1vRMS), tried on pc software own function generator, super. Now the tricky bit, just gotta build a case for it, boss at work has let me have a few 1.5mm sheets of aluminium, about 600mm x 300mm, so time to start welding. Will post build piccies soonest.
  11. Keltoi, are looking at doing the same sort of thing? I modified my EQ5 last Octoberish, I wouldn't be without my laptop in the field, and so use a bluetooth PS3 hand controller with EQMOD. Rob.
  12. Yeah you're right. It's just modern technology, the parts are getting smaller. I can do small stuff, but I wouldn't like to attempt a whole board,. It isn't impossible, just takes time and a lot of concentration, or solder paste, an oven and faith
  13. Try find a local independant TV/Radio guy, or a local radio ham they are usually pretty good with an iron.
  14. I love it when bargains come together, By the way, the PC term is "Madam Chairman" believe it or not.
  15. Hi Danny, did you get sorted or are you still in need? Rob.
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