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Meade DSI Pro


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Hi everyone,

I bought a Meade DSI Pro ...for learning and perhaps modifying with Peltier cooler....or any other mod available to improve?

I know, it's a small chip with limited resolution...any suggestion for "best practice"   .....   I have a WO66SD,  not enough resolution with that.....and have a C14HD, the FOV will be very small perhaps good for galaxies?

Any help appreciated.



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I'd start with the wo66d and the moon to get it all focused and set up.

Set it up in the daylight first and practise focusing it then.

Then i'd image m42 with it and get usef to centring the object on the ccd.

(Also m31 or m13/m5 are good bright targets depending on the time of year)

The i'd move onto probably a gso f4 but remember at longer focal lengths with a small chip it's more difficult to find the target so a finder scope aligned with the main scope or astrmetry.net to plate solve the image will help a lot. I used to some nights get completely lost near the target galaxy nudging the scope for half an our trying to find it!


Good luck! Keep the dsi for guiding if you buy another camera.

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