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First Clear Night Skies Over Chicago

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First off, what a great and super informative forum, this is the real deal here.

First clear night over Chicago's southwest side since receiving the Evolution 8.  "Bright Giant," you were dead on with my first views through the Evolution 8.  I was floored!!!  I dreamed of this sight as a kid, I felt as tho I was 13 again. The moon was brilliant, tact sharp focus, I've not gotten any filters yet. Just awesome. Visited the Orion Nebula, Jupiter and her moons, just stunning, got Jupiter to just barely show me some banding, very cool.  Then just general gazing until 0200 hours when the Mrs came and unglued my eye from the scope.  My iPad was a little buggy holding wifi, sort of aggravating having to realign each time.  Then I tried my iPhone 6 Plus and it worked flawlessly with both SkyPortal and SkySafari Pro.  Next on the hit list, maybe some "tweener lenses," (not big on balrows) filters and maybe an imager (after researching them.)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I've also got a Sony NEX 7, 24 mp, Sony AR7 34 mp, Nikon D300, Nikon D7000, Nikon D7100. The NEX 7 fits nicely between the base tray when at Zenith from what I've read.  Gonna try T Ring adapters, tubes and start from there for some simple moon shots, gotta crawl before ya can run.....


Ref Valentines Day Gift:  James, when you treat Momma REAL nice ALL YEAR LONG, this is what I got in return. I'm a lucky guy.....believe me!!! 

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