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AZ EQ5 to AZ EQ6 upgrade?

osbourne one-nil

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I've recently bought myself a Vixen NA140SS refractor to join my Tak FC100D. Weight-wisen it's well within the limits of my AZ EQ5 mount; the Mount's rated at 15kg x 2 scopes (in alt az mode) and the Vixen's only about 8.5kg once mounted. But it's a long scope and does bounce around a bit. Would the upgrade to an AZ EQ6 be a noticeable improvement and make things steady? I want goto; I like goto, and I like the dual encoders both mounts have should I want to point manually at something. I also want tracking; I like tracking. 

Another option is to just go for an EQ mount, and put the Tak on a Porta II or something,  but I'm not going to try photography any time soon so wouldn't seem to gain me anything. 


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I'm sure the AZEQ6 would be an improvement, but it's tricky to know how much. My Vixen weighs 18kg plus, and is long. I found that the best way to stop vibrations was to stop touching it, so I fitted a Baader SteelTrack with SteelDrive motor focuser. That really helped, have you considered doing something similar before upgrading the mount?

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I have considered at least waiting until I've looked through it (the scope only came yesterday) and probably sorting the backlash in the azimuth axis out, which I think contributes to the "bounce". I probably am jumping the gun! 

I wouldn't be swapping eyepieces often, and would use the goto and tracking, so I guess that would help.

Perhaps the hefty increase in weight wouldn't be worth it. 

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