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which driver to use when guiding in Phd 2 with zwo asi 120 camera ?

red dwalf

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hi all, 

i`m still getting some subs which are not too good and show slightly trailed stars, i`m pulse guiding with eqmod on a NEQ6 Pro and guide speed sidereal rate of 0.5 which i think is right for this mount, the mount has had a belt drive mod on it.

i`m using the ZWO ASI 120 mm camera, usb 2, and i`m wondering if i have been using the wrong driver in phd 2, i seem to have a lot for this camera to choose from,

the one i`ve been using is the zwo asi camera, but i`m wondering if this is my problem as i`ve tried everything else to get better guiding, there are two other choices, ascom camera chooser, 2. asi cameras ascom, and the one i`ve been using , 3. zwo asi camera.

also should i be selecting enable server, picture 4, with all of these drivers when pulse guiding ? 

many thanks for the help, i`m very confused with it all.


4 enable server.JPG

ascom camera chooser.JPG

2 asi cameras ascom.JPG

3 zwo asi camera.JPG

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