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Help with eyepieces for a Meade LXD75 ?

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I finally got my scope after much deliberation and ended up with a second hand Meade LXD75 on n EQ mount with GoTo for €300/£230

Now I need eyepieces.

I did see a post somewhere with the formula for choosing them but cant find it :(

Hopefully someone will be able to help in telling me what I should go for

The specs are as follows

Focal length = f/5

Clear Aperture = 150 mm

Focal Length = 762mm

I wear glasses so need a longer eye relief. a wide field of view would be nice.

I've also ordered a Star travel 80 so that has a 10 mm,20mm and a 2x barlow which I can use as well.(I'll be going abroad in a few weeks to high altitudes.)

Thanks for your help

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To get the magnification, divide the focal length by the size of the eyepiece. For example, a 10mm EP in a tube of 752mm will give you x75.

The magnifications you need depend on the type of observing you want to do. Lunar and planetary generally call for higher magnifications. Perhaps a 5mm EP to give x150. Nebula etc often need a lower power wider view, for example a 30mm will give x25.

Many people often use a Barlow which effectively increases the power of an EP by x2 or x3. It also retains the original eye relief, which may be an important consideration for you as higher power EPs often have a very short eye relief.

Another possibility is a 24mm-8mm zoom EP. This may help you to determine what magnifications are best for you in the longer term.

As to recommending particular EPs, there is such a very wide range of prices from about 20 pounds to 400 pounds with all shades in-between. Obviously you get what you pay for, but there are good and interesting options in the 40 to 70 pound range. If you can give a rough budget, you will get many suggestions.

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Tanks for the link Astro Imp

According to it I should be getting an 8mm, 18mm & 25 mm.

Ive checked what came with the scope. I have a Meade 4000 26mm Super Plossl.

I've also ordered a  x2 Barlow.

The ST80 has a 10mm & 20mm but  I'm not sure of their quality, Perhaps anyone with one can comment.

Budget wise I suppose I'm thinking the £40-50 mark. I then need to convert that to real money  €50 - €65 (looks more painful now :iamwithstupid:

But I reckon 2 relatively decent EPS will will make it a nice set so its not too bad. I'm reading some good things about BSG's but others may have better suggestions. Eye relief will be important.


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Just to update.

I've ordered an 8 mm & 18 mm BST Starguider from skies unlimited for £49.

Reviews seems to be fairly good so here's hoping.

I've also got the Meade 26 mm and a 2x Barlow so I should be covered for most things.

My new star travel 80 will also have a 10 & 20 mm.

I'm just glad I got a good deal on my scope and didn't pay the €1000 I was initially going to pay.


I also picked up a neximage camera for €75 

I'm almost ready to look at the clouds in detail ;)

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