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The Universe


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Everybody lives in a street in a city, a village or a town for what its worth and there all inside the country, which is part of a continent that sits upon a planet known as Earth. And the Earth is a ball full of oceans and some moutains, which is out there spinning silently in space, and living on that Earth are the plants and the animals and also the entire human race.

Its a great big universe and we all really puny, we're just tiny little specks, about the size of mickey rooney, its big anf black and icky, and we are small and dinky, its a big universe and we're not.

And we're part of a fast planetary system stretching seven hundred billion miles long, with nine planets and the sun, we think the Earths the only one that has life on it although we could be wrong. Across the interstellar voids are a billion asteroids, including Meteors and halleys comet too. And theres over fifty moons floating out there like balloons in a paranamic trillion mile view.

And still its all a speckum in a hundred billion stars in a galaxy we call the milky way, its sixty thousand trillion miles from one end to the other, and still thats just a fraction of the way, cuz there's a hundred billion galaxies that stretch across the sky, through with constellations planets moons and stars, and still the universe extends to a place that never ends, which is maybe just inside a little jar.

Its a great big universe and we're all really puny, we're just tiny little specks about the size of mickey rooney, though we dont know how we got here, really port or not here, its a big Universe and its ours.

Hope you like it guys and gals! :lol:

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