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First attempt Ha with DSO-1


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Hello - I am using a DSO-1 in heavy light pollution and need to improve my images - how long are these exposures please? Do you know all of your other DSO-1 settings from these images? Also, what is the scope and mount being used? How would you describe the light pollution from your location? Thanks very much.

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Hi Oliver,

Am using a 110mm f7 refractor with .24 focal reduction. A Orion Ha filter on a Celestron VX mount. The best images were at:



Brightness 99

Night for B&W

Day for color


No dark frames, poor focus, rural area with some light pollution 30 degrees up to the south, a high pressure sodium light to my NW 75 yards away, and glow to my west from billboards along I-75 2 miles away and a Walmart distribution center 5 miles away.  Don't remember color setting, will have to look them up in my log.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Richard

Great images - especially the Horse Head.

x1024 is about 20 seconds exposure so considering that the DSO-1 is a colour camera and you are losing sensitivity over a mono camera pretty impressive.

You just need to nail the focus - I'd recommend a Bahtinov Mask, dead easy to use.



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