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  1. Excellent images, nice setup you have there...
  2. AVS sells an "infocus" adapter which allows it's camera to go further into the focuser by an inch or so. I use one with my DSO-1 when using exstreme reduction in my 4.3" refractor, works well. They are really made for reflectors, so if you have a 2" focuser it should work if you do not have enough "in" focus. Works with any camera that uses the DSO-1 type body. Also the varioreducer AVS sells works with it.
  3. I think the binning will only give good results with long focal length scopes. Also resolution is a function of focal length. A 60" fl scope using a X2 will have as about equal resolution as a 48" fl using a 825.
  4. I have that combo, to see what it can do compared to other camera's you can look at my gallery. http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/member/40780-f15p5/ If I had to do it over again i would have gone with the AVS Mk4 which has many advantages, lower noise, no or few warm pixels more gain, no amp glow. However the DSO-1 is a good starter camera for doing both dso's and planets/moon if your on a tight budget. Richard Whalen
  5. f15p5

    CAV images

    From Chiefland Astronomy Village, very wet/humid/warm night. Lots of dew falling all night. Using 4.3" f7 at f7 with a IRcut filter only. No guiding, tracking off due to tripod legs sinking into very wet ground. No post processing. Several images saved of same objects, please let me know which image of each object you like best. Thanks!
  6. Hi Ain, Very cool! animation working fine for me when I clicked on image. Well done! Richard
  7. Hi guys, I just uploaded a bunch of images to my gallery under folder CAV. Several images of the same objects in some cases. I would like some feedback on which image of each object you like best. I think perhaps what I like might not be what most like, I tend to go for underexposed, natural look trying not to blow out any portion of the object. I suspect many/most might like to see more detail at the expense of noise and blowing out some area? Or some middle ground? Maybe I have been uploading the wrong images all this time Any help would be greatly appreciated..... Richard
  8. Hi, I found using a diagonal makes it less likely my camera hits the tripod leg when slewing to overhead objects. I've done both, don't see any difference except image orientation. Richard
  9. Hi Don, Nice images! Do you think the color with Ha adds noise over the mono version? Seems background is blacker using mono and Ha? Richard
  10. Hi Steve, Have you looked at the Lunt ED line of scopes? I have the 70mm, works well with the Lodestar for wide field viewing/imaging. They also make a 80mm, 102mm at very reasonable prices. Stick one on an AVX mount and you are ready too go! Richard
  11. Hi Martin, Thanks for the info, I will try it out! Richard
  12. Hi Greg, I think it may be a few things. The mono is higher resolution, my tracking was a bit better, and I have decent seeing (usually 1.5 arc sec or better), better than my 70mm (1.65 arc ses) can use up. Also my exposures were probably shorter and I keep white level all the way to the right, black all the way to the left, and bring the signal to the left as fae as I can without extreme clipping. Richard
  13. Hi Martin, No, just linear. I find sliders to touchy to use non linear modes, or images get washed out? Thanks, Richard
  14. f15p5

    Lunt 70mm & X2

    Lunt 70mm f6 ED using LL & X2 mono unguided. No filters, post processing etc.
  15. Here are some short exposure images taken with x2 mono in 70mm Lunt ED, no post processing, no guiding on my G11 mount. First try with this scope piggybacked on my 10" RC. M31 misslabeled. No filters. Richard
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