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  1. f15p5

    CAV images

    From Chiefland Astronomy Village, very wet/humid/warm night. Lots of dew falling all night. Using 4.3" f7 at f7 with a IRcut filter only. No guiding, tracking off due to tripod legs sinking into very wet ground. No post processing. Several images saved of same objects, please let me know which image of each object you like best. Thanks!
  2. f15p5

    Lunt 70mm & X2

    Lunt 70mm f6 ED using LL & X2 mono unguided. No filters, post processing etc.
  3. f15p5

    X2mono & RC10"

    First images using X2 mono and RC 10" f8 on G11. Images are raw converted to jpg no post processing. No guiding, no filters. 1/2 moon up.
  4. f15p5

    X2 Mono

    4.3" F7 on AVX mount. No guiding. No post processing.
  5. f15p5

    20150317 205954

    Maksutov Cassigrain Telescope. This scope was custom designed and built for me by TEC in 2000. Using a focal reducer so this image is around f6. Images of Jupiter and large 57 are at 15.5 or 3146mm focal length.
  6. f15p5


    All images in this folder are with the same equipment, same night, just different reduction using AVS varioreducer or no reducer. Was taken at the end of a long night, my notes are a bit thin by this point. This one was a single 17 second I think. AGC 12, Intmul 0.
  7. f15p5


    256x (4seconds) Intmul=1, AGC = 12 if I remember right.
  8. f15p5


    8" MCT f 15.5 DSO-1, raw image using astrolive.
  9. f15p5

    20150317 205954

    8" F15.5 mct. DSO-1. Astrolive. Raw image, no post processing.
  10. f15p5

    DSO-1 & 8" f15.5

    First try using this combo. Poor seeing lots of dew. No guiding, quick alignment.
  11. f15p5


  12. f15p5

    DSO-1 Ha

    Images taken with my 4.3" f7 w.28 reducer. DSO-1 camera and Orion Ha filter. Warm night, lots of amp glow.
  13. f15p5


    Images using Astro Systems DSO-1 4.33" f7 and with varareducer @ .58, .46 and .28 reduction.
  14. f15p5

    3rd nighyt w/X2c

    Horsehead etc. Hazy, cloudy, pretty awful conditions
  15. f15p5

    2nd night tracking

    110mm f7 on VX mount.
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