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HEQ 5 GoTo Pro vs Alt/As Version


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As usual, I have decided on my mount (an HEQ5 goto Pro) and am debating only when to purchase it - when up crops an EQ / Alt-Az version.

Why would I want to spend a further £200 on this latest version.

Discencoders are one plus point but I am not due what else there is honestly to gain either observing wise or for imaging.

First scopes for it would be an Elore Scientific 80mm triplet for visual and imaging and an older Make 127 for solar system work.

Advice from anyone who chose the EQ6 Alt/As version or of course any early uptakers of the HEQ5 version.

Thanks on advance


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Save your pennies and get the Alt/AZ package.

Unless you are doing a lot of AP, or particularly like the "GEM Dance of the Wounded Snake" when viewing near Az.,I think you'll find its much easier to spend the night observing with the Alt/Az go-to engaged.

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Sorry but predictive text was working overtime or I was just not looking.

Scopes are an Explore Scientific 80 and a Mak 127 - and a few other words gubbled ip.

My question was HEQ5 vs the New HEQ5 with alt/az.  Akin to the newer versions of the EQ6.  Not a saving as it is another £200 on top of the EQ.

I would like opinion as to what real use the alt/az is on a computerised scope.  On a manual one, yes.  Computerised I just don't know.


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The new mount is called AZ-EQ5GT or just AZ-EQ5.

For imaging i would go with the AZ-EQ5GT because of better/sturdier polar alignment system, encoders and i would also guess tracking is improved with the improved transmission with belt drive.

It also has a usb port on the mount, but i'm not sure if it works with EQMOD.

I found some closeup images of an awesome red version here

New Skywatcher AZ EQ5-GT mount

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