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The Songs of Distant Earth - Ascension


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I just wanted to share an extasis moment :D

I was listening in my way home yesterday The Songs of Distant Earth, the 16th album of Mike Oldfield.

When walking home, I just watched the sky, as it was clear after 3 days snowing and cloudy. I was delighted looking at the Winter Oval: Betelgueuse......Rigel....Sirius....Procyon....Castor and Pollux...Aldebaran and Capella. All the gems were clearly shining in the sky, brigther than the light polluted background of my neighborhood, in Montreal. I was just stand up, in the middle of the night, surrounded by snow, thinking that in the following months, that wonderfull picture, the winter gems wont be easy to see, as the sky will be filled with spring and summer nights..... If it is true that the last 3 weeks has been full of extreme cold weather (ranging from -10 to -35 C), winter storms, snow, even freezing rain....that doesn`t compare or make the winter a sad season when u have those marvels projected over the sky....My mind was filled with this though while looking the stars and listening the song Ascension, from Mike Oldfield`s album.... It was a moment sublime...and when the climax of Ascension arrives....just in that moment...I saw a flare of a russian satellite, travelling from Auriga through Orion, at a magnitud 2.2! It was Kosmos 2263 rocket, a russian ELINT satellite traveling the sky and vanishing while Ascension was finishing! The timing was superb....and a big...very very big smile was on my face, under the parkas winter coat, of a lonely guy in the middle of the street looking up the skies.

Still I have that smile in my face.

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