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Spain or Turkey?? Decision made!

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I've been humming and harring for months now over getting a second, portable scope that I can take outside. It basically boiled down to a choice between ED80, or similar, and the 130pds. I liked the idea of a frac and being able to always use it 'out of the box', as it were. It would have been a big step up from my wee ST80. Not to knock the ST80 - I've had some quite good images from it and guiding is a cinch! However, in the end I've plumped for the SW 130pds, basically on the grounds of cost. I've long been impressed by the images on the 130pds thread (started by Russe). Whereas I probably can't reach those heights myself, at least I know they are possible :) When you think about it - it's a 'mere' £159 for the 130pds. Just the field flattener/reducer for the Evostar ED80 costs the same! What's to lose?

So ordered one today from FLO :laugh: I shall fit the SW Autofocuser to it and will hopefully finish the DIY usb controller software in the not too distant future :tongue:


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