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Scope Case Dimentions.

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I am hoping that a few members have acquired the 900fl SW Evostar 100ED refractor, complete with aluminium carry case, the cases for these scopes is now available separately. I have the similar Celestron 900fl 100ED which to all intents and purposes, is the same functional size, however, I have a MoonLite focuser fitted which alters the length somewhat. As expected no dimensions are given for this dedicated product and at the moment I am unable to find any. Before putting my hand in my pocket, would some kind member be able to provide me with the overall internal L.W.D dimensions of the case,  thanks :)

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Not really an answer you are looking for, but if you are into DIY, how about making a case, then you can be certain it's the correct size.  I've just made a case for my ED80, the original case is not long enough to leave the diagonal and my extended dew shield attached.

It's turned out well, faster more convenient set up without having to fiddle around attaching the diagonal and long camping mat dew shield, and I can also leave the dew band attached if I wish.

And it was yet another excuse to be in my shed :smiley:

Regards, Ed.

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