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A word on cold-welded adaptors

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Having read on SGL a while ago that cold welded adaptors can be freed with a couple of bits of rubber, or a pair of marigolds - I thought I would give it a try because I had cold-welded an M48-T2 adaptor and T2 extension tube together. No chance of getting the pliers in there becuase it would wreck the threads, so while out shopping I picked up a pair of rubber gloves.

After donning the gloves, I placed the said adapter between the palms of my hands - a quick twist and hey presto! They came apart! :)

Well worth getting!

While I was there I took time to inspect the inside of a few of my adapters, a couple of which had picked up a few nicks. What had got my attention also, was just how shiny some of the black surfaces were  - so ive given them a lick of blackboard paint (but not on the threads) and theyre now a nice deep matt black. I've also started painting the interior of the 130pds too (cant you tell im bored!).

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