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Crayford linear power focuser and skywatcher auto focuser

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Hi Mike

I`ve just bought a SW motor from Bern while at Kelling Heath to try and fit to the Linear power focuser (is that similar to yours?) on my Espirit 120 refractor, I just posted a query on this forum asking about the knob see here  http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/196675-focuser-motor-advice-please/  . It doesn`t look as if it should be too much of a problem to make the bracket fit as there are some holes already threaded underneath the focuser so the supplied bracket might need a new hole drilling, its this Saturdays project all being well!.


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Yes sounds the same. It might be possible to expand the holes but you will not have much room.

I am not really into drilling (and in the end ruining the bracket..lol)

I tried it with just two screws to see if that would hold.

It did but now I had problems because the lock bold would not fit, and when its not fitted the drive doesn't work properly. I think not enough grip..

I just builded it back and I just have to focus from the liveview screen.. bah..lol

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