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  1. For people who didn't catch up on this: If you are installing Ascom 6.5 and you use stellarium 0.20+ and the new devicehub, you can expect some bad crashes. On a fresh installed machine I had APT and Stellarium force close several times. CDC seems to work ok. So far its seems that Stellarium doesn't play well with the new devicehub. Its not completely clear where this comes from, but if you use Stellarium and Ascom, be save and use the previous version of Ascom till this gets resolved.
  2. Thanks for the explanation Merlin. So if the lpf-2 would be taken out I would need a bcf or other replacement, or a clip in filter if I understand correctly? cheers
  3. Hello all, I got a my hands on nice secondhand Canon 600D and am considering modding this one just like my 1100D. But I got a bit confused. On my 1100D I have the BCF mod. Now I read that you can take the LPF-2 filter out and dont have to replace this with ie. a BCF filter but you can instead just use an external filter, which I use anyway (Baader neodynium) I was always under the impression that a replacement filter (BCF) was needed in order to reach infinity and to use your camera with lenses . (and daylight use with a custom white balance) Does anyone know that taking o
  4. Ok my trusty multimeter showed 12volts (12,1) so power supply is good. I red that on some handsets there was a bug that made the voltage information on the handset to high. Since I had latest version I thought I was ok, but you need to install a firmware fix to fix this anyway. Install the fix then reload new firmware and now its ok. Thanks all for responding Cheers, Mike
  5. My equipment is on an other location, so Ill check later today with a multimeter and post the results. But I think it must be an error in the handset.
  6. I tried 2 power supplies and both show 20v in the handset.. How odd..
  7. Hi, I bought a new power supply since I am diagnosing issues with my heq5 mount. I got a Tristar kb-7985 12v 5a If I check on my handset (v3) it shows 20volts, I am wondering if someone could check their voltage the same way to see if this is right or not. Thank you, Mike
  8. I know this is an old post, but if you want APT to connect to Stellarium, you need to activate the remote control plugin (needs a restart of stellarium) and press configure there you need to check server enabled and enable automatically on startup.
  9. Hi all, Got my tube extension for my heq5 mount in today and I wanted to see how high it would be fully extended. I was kinda surprised how huge it is so I decided to show it. I can almost do polar aligning standing..lol (probably not going to use it fully extended..) For your reference, I am 179 cm Clear skies Mike
  10. Thanks for replying. Yes quite something to scroll through... Next time the skies are decent ill give it a shot with the information i got here btw: if possible, I like to see some more screenshots with phd and ascom open (if you have no big guiding issues.) Thanks!
  11. These subs were 300sec. Guiding assistent is a function in phd?
  12. Guys, thanks for responding. Polar alignment is always on my mind, but last time it seemed pretty decent. and yes it might be balancing, cable drag etc.. but I try to do my best to do it good. But I wanted a frame of reference with the phd2 settings so that I am at least sure not something is totally off. Sometimes I think phd2 is more sensitive in showing corrections, I added a photo with just some stretching and it actually doesn't look that bad then phd2 implies. @michael8554 What guiding assistant are you referring to? Thanks all
  13. Hi , I am having a bit of issues with my phd2 settings. I know that even similar setups dont have to work the same but it would be helpful if someone with a heq5 mount and a 50mm guide scope could provide me with a screenshot with some settings that work. At least I can use that as a starting point. Thanks in advance for the effort. Cheers, Mike
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