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  1. Thanks for replying. Yes quite something to scroll through... Next time the skies are decent ill give it a shot with the information i got here btw: if possible, I like to see some more screenshots with phd and ascom open (if you have no big guiding issues.) Thanks!
  2. These subs were 300sec. Guiding assistent is a function in phd?
  3. Guys, thanks for responding. Polar alignment is always on my mind, but last time it seemed pretty decent. and yes it might be balancing, cable drag etc.. but I try to do my best to do it good. But I wanted a frame of reference with the phd2 settings so that I am at least sure not something is totally off. Sometimes I think phd2 is more sensitive in showing corrections, I added a photo with just some stretching and it actually doesn't look that bad then phd2 implies. @michael8554 What guiding assistant are you referring to? Thanks all
  4. Hi , I am having a bit of issues with my phd2 settings. I know that even similar setups dont have to work the same but it would be helpful if someone with a heq5 mount and a 50mm guide scope could provide me with a screenshot with some settings that work. At least I can use that as a starting point. Thanks in advance for the effort. Cheers, Mike
  5. Its been a really long time I did some imaging and I have to say it wasn't that easy to start again. Also been updating Ascom and APT software and used phd2 for first time. So this was more of a training run.. I took a reasonable easy target NGC6888 (or Crescent Nebula.) I ended up with 21 lights x 240 sec iso 800. Processing was like doing it for the first time to again (lol) and I will try doing it bit better later but ill post my first result now to. Software: CDC 4.0, PHD2, APT 3.3 , EQASCOM v29a Hardware: Skywatcher 150 pds, QHY5, Canon EOS 1100D, HEQ5 Mount Clear Skies, Mike
  6. I have chosen for this solution. the extra dovetail should be good to hold my camera. When there are some clear skies i will give it a go. Thanks all for the help. Mike
  7. btw, if I should purchase that mod, my DA will be turned 90 degrees right? (yours is in normal position) Will that influence guiding? thanks Mike
  8. Hi charl, Yea that looks nicely. But I want just a dslr with lens on one side, and a guide scope next to it. I think the difficulty is how you connect those to the dovetail plate, it should be easy disconnectable. Thanks
  9. Hi, Decided to start another topic since its a different question. I thought: oh I fix myself something to put my camera on and a guiderscope, so i can make guided exposures.. easy... Uhm, no. (unless i make it all wooden etc... but thats to much diy... lol ) So I went looking for a pre-made solution. I spend hours looking and to my amazement i didn't find anything yet.. except some for silly prices So, I have a Canon 1100D (with tripod connector) and a 50mm guidescope with a QHY5. I found this, but not sure if my DSLR would fit: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p8315_TS-Guidemount---ultra-compact-Vixen-GP-level-dual-mount.html Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Mike
  10. Yea. I'm creative I'll find a way..
  11. Yea I was pondering that to..maybe I try mounting it on my st80 or my 150 pds.. not sure yet.. nothing goes easy..hehe Thanks
  12. I actually ordered one today. Still curious about those 500mm mirror lens F8 or F6.3
  13. We can't have it all it seems eh? You still think it's worth it? I hate coma, tilts, abreviations etc ..lol Mike
  14. Faster in this case is also better I suppose. Hehe.. Thanks for the info Mike
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