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More DSOs from the Deep Sky Watch list. Observing Report

Mark at Beaufort

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A very clear and transparent night so decided to use the 10" Dob and to give the 21mm Ethos a better outing.

I found this website showing the brightest 666 DSOs quite a nice list to go through. Here is a link - http://www.deepskywa...psky-guide.html

From my latitude of 52 degrees north I think I can view about 600 of these objects and over the past 2 years I have been going through various constellations at the same time as doing the Herschel 400.

In preparing last nights observing program I noticed that there were a few objects in Bootes and Hercules that had yet to be seen.

Bootes - NGC 5557 (11 mag galaxy) NGC 5676 (11.2 galaxy) and NGC 5689 (11.9 galaxy)

Hercules - NGC 6229 (9.4 Mag Glob Cluster) and NGC 6210 (9.7 Mag PN).

I always star hop to these objects using a RDF and a 80mm correct image Stellarvue finderscope. My star atlas is Uranometria 2000. Once found I view with the 21mm Ethos, then the 13mm and 8mm Ethos.

Viewed all the intended objects listed above and particularly enjoyed the two objects in Hercules. Both DSOs bright and I cannot believe I had not noticed them before.

Finally to try out the 21mm Ethos a bit more (only had a few months) I scanned the wonderful objects in Sagittarius, Serpens Claudia and Scutum. The Milky Way was bright and clear so started with M8 and then went to M20, M21, M22, M23, M24, M16, M17, M26 and finally M11.

Really pleased with the 21mm Ethos such a fantastic FOV and so sharp even in the f4.7 Dob.


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Sounds a great session Mark :smiley:

The 21mm Ethos gets nothing other than adulation whenever it's written about :smiley:

I got my 12" dob all set up for a session but then a sheet of cloud rolled over the whole sky and looked rather permanent. So I packed up and went in for the evening. I popped out an hour later to find a clear sky !!!

I spent an hour touring the sky with 15x70 binoculars rather than getting the scope out again. A bit lazy but relaxing :rolleyes2:

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