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New Dew Shield/Filter Holder


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Hi Guys

With my hyperstar on the way for my C9.25 i started thinking about being able to take my flats with the camera sticking out the front as i could no longer lay my EL Panel over the top of the scope. The dew shield i had wasn't strong enough to support the panel and didn't offer any protection to the camera and Hyperstar.

So this is what i came up with....

The white ring is of a damaged solar filter i had, it pushs onto the scope perfectly and secures via three thumb screws. I then took a sheet of 3mm perspex and created a ring based on the dimensions of the solar filter ring. I took 16 x 4mm threaded rods and assembled the frame.

Once i have the hyperstar installed and the camera mounted i can get an exact measurement of how far the front ring needs to be from the scope, i can adjust the bolts & then cut down the threads prodtruding from the front. Once this is done i'll attach the foam ring to the front ring covering the nuts. I will the wrap the frame in mixture of foam & insulation to help prevent the dew

This cage format also serves to protect the rig from accidental knocks but i then got to thinking, the cage will support the weight of the EL Panel , great, mission acomplished, however i have a pet hate of having to touch the scope in fear that i'll mess up my polar alignment.

Taking the dew shield off and putting the lens cap on risks messing the alignment up so now i intend to secure this dew shield and leave it permantly attached whilst its in the obs. I will attach a velcro band to the foam ring at the front and am creating a hard carboard lens cap that will just stick to the front of the scope and detach as easy. I have also created a set of cardboard rings, i intend to buy Solar Film and sandwich the film between the two rings and that filter will attach to the front of the scaope in the same way allowing my to solar image using the hyperstar. My bant mask is getting the same treatment.

So what have i forgotten????




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