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Synscan firmware 3 star align

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I noticed that after upgrading my Synscan handset firmware to the latest version (3.35) I have lost the 3 star align option. Not a problem as I wouldn't want to use it anyway after reading how rubbish it was. Anyone know if this has been officially removed/discontinued or if something is wrong with my handset? Not sure what version it was at before (maybe 3.04).

Read through all the release notes I could find for various versions but found no mention of it.

Interestingly, I found this under 3.07:

1. Improve the initial setup of the system -- The telescope no longer needs to be level and pointed to the North as its initial position in order to accurately perform the star alignment procedure.

Is this really the case? I guess I could try it out...


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Just read the correct version of the manual:

For an alt-azimuth mount: Brightest Star Alignment (Brightest Star) or 2-Star Alignment (2-Star Align.)


To operate the SynScan hand control in “Full Feature” mode, no particular home position is required.

To operate the SynScan hand control in “Easy Tracking” mode, the mount should be set up as close as possible to the following home position:

• Mount base is levelled.

• The telescope’s tube is levelled and points towards the true North (note: not magnetic North).

So there we go. I just RTFM'd myself!!!

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It is able to detect the model of the mount to which it connects and select the appropriate operation mode accordingly.

Sorted. I promise I won't post extracts from the entire manual. :grin:

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glad you sorted it, have you tried it in the field so to speak, and was it accurate

Not yet... might be tonight. Although I suspect not (cloud).

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