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Scrapheap Powertank.


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I had a crack at my own power tank, mainly because I have a few days off work. Even though I have yet to observe out of my back garden I plan to do so in the future.

Its not the prettiest power tank in the world, but it was mainly put together from bits and bobs going spare at work and it does the job.

I got given the box at work which I think was used to package something being delivered and it was a perfect fit for the battery. The only thing I had to buy were the 12v sockets from ebay as I could get my hands on everything else needed as Im a electrician by trade so it was pretty handy.

I have used 6A MCB for the protection, but not too sure as to what my EQ5 runs at so I may have to change these, if anyone has any info on the protection for my mount it would be great.

I done the wiring at work with the sockets en route from ebay so I guessed at the size of crimps to fit onto the sockets and yep I guessed wrong so these will need re doing.


post-18724-0-19229000-1370778706_thumb.jpost-18724-0-89841000-1370778647_thumb.j post-18724-0-19874100-1370778486_thumb.j

EDIT: Sorry for the large photos.

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Good effort and nice to see someone having a go.

I'm not too sure on the EQ5 but my HEQ5pro draws just less than 2amps full slewing motion, so I cant imagine it pulling more than that? I fuse my outputs with 2amp fuses and never had one blow. Gear set up and balance should be spot on or the motors will take a little more slewing one direction to the other.

6A mcbs might be a little bit big and not necessarily designed for the job (DC), I personally use 20mm x 5mm glass fuses and holders but at least you have some over current and short circuit protection.

From the main battery supply (positive) terminal you should have an inline fuse closely situated so if the supply wire to the breakers comes off it cannot create a dead short across to the negative battery terminal.

You should also have one wire from the supply (positive) inline fuse up to the mcbs wired in parallel (loop from one mcb to the next to create a bus bar) just to tidy things up and simplify your wiring a bit instead of several wires from the supply terminal.


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