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Orion 12x60


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They look like a decent pair of binos for the price. But having used 800g pairs a lot. Their 1kg weight is pushing it too far for good hand-held views IMHO. They will definitely need a tripod or upturned sweeping brush/fence to lean on for stability.


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Buy- telescope .com in the USA have them on sale at the moment for $69.00 not sure the of the price here in uk

have you got a dealer close by that you can try them out

also IMHO you will need a tripod you would get feed up holding them very quickly

hand held no more the 10x50

I think for the money they seem ok I like the Idea of both eyepieces can be foucsed and the centre wheel is ajustable ,now that is a great idea

If I was buying binoculars and wanted to get biger than a 10x50 I would save up and get a pair of 20x80 that I used to have ( brother inlaw love then so much I gave them to him )

and I miss them as the are so good for Jupiter M31 M44 ect I you just want them for scanning the summers Milkyway then will be good

all the best let us know what you decide,


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Thanks for responding :)

My budget is 150$. I have to decide between the Nikon Action VII 10x50(135$ in my country) and this Orion 12x60(130$ in my country).I know they aren't the same ,but at my budget,just this two are decent.

The Orion is a bit more heavy than the Nikon,so I don't think that is a problem.

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When me best friend ( he lives Ohio )ask me to check for him on a pair of binoculars in the same price bracket we ended on Nikon action's he is very pleased with then He wanted them to scan the heavens and for holidays

He says the do both very well, I my self have as you can see a pair of Oberwerk marines that I keep in my car $170.00 as they are very tuff and are 10x60 they are not a problrm for quick scan of the sky

I would say there is nothing like going to the store and tying them out but I my self have purchased bins with out testing them and found them to be very good, I do use all my bins, all for different jobs

if you want them for night sky only then a 15x80 or 20x80 on a tripod are just wounderful worth saving a bit more

hope this helps



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I think I've got a problem,I'm not sure that the Nikon Action VII have Bak-4 prisms :|

I can't find the prism type in any description of the product,so I asked Nikon,this is the respone I got:

"Unfortunately as it is company confidential Nikon will not issue out such information, the glass Nikon use for there prisms are appropriate for the model of binoculars and none of our binoculars have suffer from any vignetting at the exit pupil."

Is this a kind of coded confirmation that the bins have Bak-4's?

I'm really confused now...

Does anyone here own a Nikon Action VII series bin ? Could you tell me how the exit pupil looks like ? Does the bin have Bak-4's or Bk-7's ?

If the latter,then my plans are foiled :(

@Doug,maybe you could ask your brother.

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