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    Broadcasting on Nightskiesnetwork.com. Solar System Imaging with webcam, bino observing. Sport, Sci-Fi. Beer drinking :).
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  1. Managed to find 80 odd frames with a thin cloud exposing Venus better. Pasted it in place in GIMP.
  2. Had to wait for a big cloud to pass for this view, so didn't manage a wide field shot of the event. But did manage to pull out 2 bands on Jupiter . Carried on with live show on NSN until more clouds turned up. Venus is overexposed to make Jupiter more prominent. MAK127SLT, spc900, ir cut. 500 frames stacked. Registax 5, GIMP 2.8.
  3. H All, Does anybody have a dead philips spc880/900? I need a new cable as mine has been damaged beyond repair. Baz.
  4. 2 moons and a shadow transit. Well worth the effort.
  5. Taken with a Samsung PL170 point n shoot camera through Skywatcher Mercury 705 frac with stock 25mm EP. All single shots Some processing in GIMP2.8 Baz.
  6. Over the wider palm tree in center shot. Nice scene. Baz.
  7. More like a fiver than £500 lol. Baz.
  8. Superb catch!! Always nice to pick up a plane while recording. I've had a nice few. Best 1 was a microlite crossing the Sun while i was live on NSN 1 Sunday afternoon. Shortly after a Cesna went by too, and a viewer had his finger on the printscreen button ready to grab it for me. Baz.
  9. If i get any clear nights, i'll try with my luck with my sammy point n shoot. 8 second exposures should catch something near peak time. Baz.
  10. I did manage a quick look at Mars the other morning. Just before it clouded over completely. Only just squeezing into my bino FOV of 5.5 degrees.
  11. F1 telescopes sell 100x50cm sheets. http://www.f1telescopes.co.uk/shop/baader-planetarium-solar-filters/baader-astrosolar-solar-filter-material-nd-5/ Baz.
  12. I use the S&T moon guide. Also the GRS calculator. Stellarium and i-phone apps are useful too.
  13. Third sighting this morning. This time in dark twilight, around 3:50am. While i was making a complete mess of capturing panes for a Lunar mosaic . This time worth broadcasting an overexposed view with Io left, and Ganymede and Callisto to the right on NightSkiesNetwork. Europa had just emerged from it's transit, but was still in the glare of the planet. Captured 1200 frames with the 70mm frac. Stacked up 500 frames with Registax 5.1. I kept Jupiter in view live for over an hour after Sunrise, just for fun. It was never going to make the APOD page. But good to get the first of the season under
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