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  1. Thanks for the replies. Alan is right, buying second hand isn't an option here... So the mount + motors I meant are not good for imaging. What about the NEQ5 , with additional motors ? The same problems ? Lensman, is this the mount you mean ? Besides the mount, camera and lens(or scope) what more do I need in order to have a 'complete' rig ?
  2. Hello people I currently don't know anything about AP, but I'll want someday to buy a tracking mount and do some imaging of DSO's. Is this mount with these motors any good for AP with a DSLR and 300 lens (overall weight <5kg) ? Or do I have to get something more expensive ?
  3. Gerry, my scope is a 8" f/6 dob. I hope it will be a DSO killer > It will give the same tfov as the 25mm Super Plossls supplied with the scope.
  4. Hope to get that feeling too ! The Ethos just arrived to my friend in America. He will bring it to me in late August.
  5. I hope to get that used Ethos If not, then I'll choose either a Nagler or two ES82. Thank you all for your opinions
  6. Yeah I heard some more people saying the Delos is sharper and shows fainter things than the Ethos. But, I'd stay with the Ethos because of the FOV. Gerry, I would also observe nebulas and globs. Will also use the eyepiece barlowed.
  7. I hope it will be a good choice for most of the DSO's(galaxies,nebulas,globs) . It will give a 2.2mm exit pupil and 92x in my scope.
  8. Thank you all ! I was afraid you would say that the ES 14mm 100° is better. It's 2", cheaper, but I will have two 1.25" filters. Here in Romania, the Ethos is 815$, so if I don't like it I could maybe sell it for the same 450$
  9. Hi everybody What are your opinions about the TV Ethos 13mm eyepiece, regarding DSO observing ? I might take one for 450$, is it worth ?
  10. Hi, I was wondering how would these two Celestron series compare, to be more specific the Luminos 15mm vs Ultima Lx 13mm. Both cost around 100$. Anyone tried them both ?
  11. I know that, scuffer I used both to have longer focusing distance = focus closer
  12. I also bought this scope two days ago. With the 1.25" adapter in the 2" adapter, I can focus at about 20 meters. At this distance, the views with the 25mm EP are ok, but the 10mm can't achieve perfect focus. Maybe the EP is of low quality, or the scope is not well collimated.
  13. I would also start with a binocular. Bought a 10x50 last year, and it really "introduced" my in astronomy. I helped me to "learn" the sky. You can also see a lot of the Messiers with it, under good conditions. I currently saw just 16, but this in light polluted skies. This summer I plan to see at least 20 more.
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