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May 19, 2013: Proms and spots from the south of the Netherlands

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While staying at a friends place in the south of the Netherlands, I was treated to glorious sunshine in the morning (I hear the north was covered in solid cloud, so I was lucky). I set up the H-alpha scope and had one of those "wow" moments you get when you see the sun ringed with a very nice collection of proms. One on the south-western limb in particular was gorgeous. It was very long and thin, perhaps even one fifth to a quarter of the solar diameter, and stood out at an angle of roughly 45 deg from the surface. Several brighter knots showed in it. Lovely sight.

Switching to white light using the APM 80mm with Herschel wedge, some lovely AR were visible. Apart from some big sunspots, granulation stood out very clearly, as did various fields of faculae. Really nice view, and my host was duly impressed. A pity I did not have my imaging kit there.

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