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Saturn ir/neo/none


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hi all had the c 9.25 on the c gem on the pier in the shed, i used a 742 ir ,neoyodium ,and no filter mainly @30fps with the dmk21 mono,average 1000 frames and the best 500 stacked i got about 5 avi`s of each filter it was around 12:30 as my visual session with the 127 edt took over theres some great doubles to split this time of year ,any way hers the ir filter first ,then the neo filter and last no filter i crop and enlarged just to make them a bit bigger i am happy just need to refine and wait for a better nights seeing also i trued the x2 barlow the woble and bad seeing was not a barlow night will include that at the end of the images

cheers pat


no the neo ones i had to scrap a few due to the cloud


same again managed just a couple with no filter


x2 barlow


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yes i put the 742 ir pass instead of the 840 doh not to worry the scope did not mind ,i agree the ir is better but try in to get good focus with the others was crazy the 10/1 on the sct is brill but the wobblw was just to much at times but am happy

thanks Pat

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