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Celestron 15x70s returned


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I have a pair of the popular 15x70s (celestron-branded) which I bought 2nd hand from a member on here, before that I had a pair from new but that was returned after 6-8 months after one of the eyepieces cracked off. My current pair had been mis-collimated since I bought, no fault of the seller as they were probably bumped about in transit, and I have since attempted to get them aligned.

The images were separated diagonally and I knew it was the right-hand-side (as viewed from the rear) because the exit pupil was shaped like a cat's eye. I succeeded in getting the images aligned by adjusting the prism tilt screw above the writing on the rear. The problem was the exit pupil was even more cut off and was giving a strange diffraction pattern when in focus, when aligned with the other side on a bright star I could not get a clean dot no matter how close the focus was on both sides. I've had a play with both adjustment screws on the right prisms and have managed to keep it in alignment with the left and lessen the cut off slightly but it's still there. Hopefully it will have less of an impact now than before but I haven't yet had a chance to test in on a star. Daytime tests show no problem but a star is more critical.

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Amazon cover all returns P&P. With the bins they actually arranged for courier collection, excellent service.

When I was looking, FLO had stopped selling these but would have obv preferred to buy from them if they checked every pair prior to dispatch.

That's very reassuring to know, I think Amazon appears to be the best place to order from in that respect.

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I got my Celestron 8x56s from a different supplier, and they also arrived way out of alignment. I could clearly see doubles of everything, and my eyes hurt not long after looking through them. My second pair works great. Odd coincidence.

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I got my celestron 15x70's fromthe missus for Christmas and she sourced them from amazon. I can't fault them. Slight blue tinge around the perimeter of the moon when I observe that but that's it.

Celestron Skymaster 15x70 Binoculars

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