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  1. Thanks guys for all your helpful replies, just need these rain clouds to move out of the way;-)
  2. Hello there, I'm planning to use my Canon eos 450d for deep sky astrophotography attached to a telescope and need to know which settings to use including most importantly the custom function setup, I have searched everywhere on the net to find this info but to no avail. Any help would be very much appreciated. Kindest regards, Paul.
  3. I love Stargazing Live, Brian Cox has made astronomy cool... and telescope sales will no doubt go sky high again!
  4. Thanks Spaceboy, these are great money saving tips. I have just fitted these secondary adjusters to my 250px dobsonian and must say they are a big improvement. I would advise anyone with a Sky-Watcher dobsonian to get these, they were very easy to fit, just remove and install them one at a time remembering to keep the telescope horizontal while fitting to avoid dropping anything on the primary mirror. All I need to do now is get the tube flocked...
  5. Last night was the first clear night for ages, so I had another go at photographing M42 with the travel scope 70. Tracking was a bit off so only ended up with one half decent frame. Processed in Photoshop. Paul. Single frame. Travel Scope 70 AZ GOTO mount Canon 450d 37 seconds exposure ISO 1600
  6. Thanks for all the nice comments, can't wait to give it another go.... just need some clear skies!
  7. Thanks Jim, It was my first attempt after all, there's room for a lot more improvement. Next time I might try it with my az goto mount to allow maybe a 30 sec exposure? Cheers Paul.
  8. I would be proud of those images, so much detail too.
  9. Hello folks It's amazing what you can achieve with modest equipment, bigger isn't always better as they say. Fair credit to my partner Mandy for this image as she did the processing in Deep Sky Stacker and Photoshop although I did the actual photography! Plus she also took the time to learn how to de-egg the stars (special thanks to Doug German for his excellent tutorial) She is now hooked on AP and can't wait for me to have another go with the camera! Taken last Friday 1st Feb at 9pm Celestron Travel Scope 70, 450d on photographic tripod. 107 1 sec exposures and 19 dark frames processed in DSS and Photoshop. These really are great little telescopes for visual observing too, not bad for £45 brand new from amazon! Cheers, Paul.
  10. So will it be visible from the UK? naked eye or telescope?
  11. Has anyone had any dealings with this company? Have not seen any reviews and their prices seem very tempting i.e £420 for an HEQ5 mount. Have a look here http://www.optical-s...#38;language=gb Cheers, Paul.
  12. Caveman

    hello all

    Welcome to SGL and good luck with your new scope. I find Stellarium program (free download) is great for finding your way around the night sky.
  13. Bit of a bargain if it has a CCD chip!
  14. Thanks for your quick reply, good idea I'll give it a try. Paul.
  15. Hi there, I've just noticed that the t-mount that connects my Canon 450d is loose with free play at the t-mount to camera connection. Just replaced it with a new one and that's exactly the same! The mount clicks into position ok but there is about 0.5mm side to side movement, is this normal? Cheers Paul.
  16. I've since found out that it's caused by atmospheric dispersion, and occurs when a bright object is low in the sky.
  17. Thanks everyone, I thought it was something inside the eyepiece, but that's put my mind at rest.
  18. Thanks for the quick response, that's what I thought too, but it is very weird.
  19. Has anyone noticed this in their eypieces? Whilst out observing the moon last night, I noticed within the view of my bst explorer 5mm eyepiece what can only be described as moving as if in water, almost bacteria looking dust strands. I can see it if I hold the eyepiece up to the moon. Does the eyepiece need cleaning or is it my eyes that's the problem? many thanks, Paul.
  20. By the way, i'm in Suffolk and yes, the seeing was quite bad last night.
  21. John, I was using a bst explorer 8mm and WO 1.25" diagonal.
  22. How much false colour should be present in an ED telescope? I have just acquired a brand new Skywatcher 80ED ota and was out last night trying it out. The full moon had a very slight blue fringe around it, and Venus although very sharp had colour within it, (not around it strangely). Is this normal or just due to the atmosphere? Many thanks, Paul.
  23. That's very reassuring to know, I think Amazon appears to be the best place to order from in that respect.
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