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advice on broken LX90 8" dec motor


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I have offered to try and repair a poorly LX90 for my friend. It is almost new but the dec motor does not work. I have taken off the cover and have the circuit board exposed.

I do not think it is a hand controller issue as the dec motor does not turn when I align on one star. The scope moves in the RA then waits and then moves to another star.

I have put a meter on the output pins to the motor and it does not measure any dc volts at all.

The scope appears to be working in all other respects.

Has anyone been here before?

Kind regards,

Mike MS

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Fault found.

THere is something wrong with the socket on the dec circuit board or plug that goes to the motor. If I give it a wiggle it works. I will resolder it or by pass the plug/socket.

I guess I need to keep it for a month to make sure it works each time.


Mike MS.

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