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  1. Gents, Thank you. Not too sure where I got the 2.5 and 2.1 from, but it is the supplied lead with the mount. The rubber sheet has worked well and I think it will be a success. But I have noted your comments. Kind regards, Mike.
  2. Okay, I think I have 'fixed' the problem. I have glued a piece of 3mm thick rubber over the power socket and cut a hole for the power light and the top right hand screw. With a hole over the socket smaller than the plug shaft, the power does not cut out now. Well on the bench. Not pretty but functional. Kind regards, Mike..
  3. Ah, a quick google and I see this is a common issue. I am tempted to buy a short extension lead and glue it in place, then I can swap from battery to mains. But any other suggestions gratefully received. Should I use a 2.5mm plug and not the supplied 2.1mm plug? Kind regards, Mike.
  4. Good afternoon all. Please can I ask a question. I have a EQ6 mount and whilst I have not really used it, both the 12V cigarette lighter lead and a purchased correct mains adaptor will lose contact and cut out. It is purely a manual problem, as both plugs equally do not sit in the power socket of the mount very well, and 'wobble' enough to cut out. There is about 2.5mm of exposed metal shaft on the plugs when fully engaged. I have tried to glue the lead in place, but as all this is new equipment is seems not the answer. Grateful for advice if this is a common problem and the solution. The mount is now over a year old, and overseas so taking it back is not an option. Kind regards, Mike.
  5. Hello Michael Thank you for your prompt reply. I will look out for the correct size secondary. And I will post some pictures when I have completed some work on it. Kind regards, Mike.
  6. Hello All. I have another mirror and will build a dobsonian. For a change, I am going for a single pole arm scope. I think I always have too large a secondary, but this time it could be the opposite. The reason for the smaller secondary is it is from a 6" Newtonian. The secondary is 42mm across, the primary 250mm F6 and the focuser will be about 100mm from the end of the primary mirror. Is this too small? I can always change the mirror later, and I have just ordered a laser collimator, so I may try and mount it to bounce a beam to the primary mirror edge and see where it goes, always scientific. Kind regards, Mike.
  7. Hello Alan. The waterpipe here is hard plastic and is grey. I do not know if that just happens to be the colour and texture though. If you need some just say, in case it is difficult to get in the UK as it is normally copper. Kind regards, Mike.
  8. For the plastic inserts I take a plastic end cap used for water pipes, turn the outside down to just larger than the alloy pipe inside, put a bolt through the end and the nut on the side of the cap and tighten. Then I cut a short length of the pipe to put in the cap to fill up the space and then put it in the alloy tubing. It needs to be hit with a hammer and it takes off the excess plastic to make a very tight fit. Picture here. Mike.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I got the idea of a LP from somewhere on the web and the first time I used the entire album as the bearing. The discs are very small and as they run on untreated plywood it does need to be painted or varnished but it does work. The balance is spot on, you just find the centre of gravity by lifting up the OTA and the side bearings pivot from that point. The spider is a steel ruler cut in half. This is my 4th strut tube dobsonian and it is just straight lines and curves, I have a router to cut both. And a little lathe to turn down the plastic caps to fit in the tubing. My friend did the welding. As for using it, the optics are very good and M42 is bright and green! I think this is as big as I will go, unless I can find a bigger mirror at F4 but then you are talking about a lot of money. Kind regards, Mike.
  10. Hello. I purchased a 16" F4.7 mirror in December, it was made in 1989 by Es Reid. I built a dobsonian around it and apart from painted or varnishing it is almost done. The focuser is for a SCT and at zenith the eyepiece is just okay for me at 5ft 11". I got is out of one piece of 8X4 plywood and there are enough offcuts to finish a 10" dob that I have now finished too. The alloy tubing has plastic water pipe caps machined to fit with bolts in them. What else can I add? The mirror is very good and it is a joy to use. The mirror cell sits on three bolts, with holes and small threaded rods in, but the mirror will lift out with the 6 triangle plates and connecting bars. This is the first dob I have built that you take off the top ring to move about. The mirror is too heavy to lay the scope down, but it does stay in play when you tip it down to view. The bearings are kitchen worktop strips on the runners with telfon blocks and the base 4 small discs of a thick LP (vinyl record). Mike.
  11. All. There is an ad for a 18" mirror on ebay and it states it was made in the late 60s early 70s in Brighton. There is also a picture of the original scope with the builder of it. Does anyone know the background to this telescope? Kind regards, Mike.
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