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What's The Little Star Thingy's All About Then!


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I notice some people have stars below their user names - what's it all about then! :clouds1:

Some have big stars some have small stars......

Some have one star some have lots of stars......

One of the other forums i'm on we have bricks!!!! If it's a good post we give each other bricks - I have 4 GOLD bricks on that forum!!!!!!!! :clouds1::clouds2:

Go on let me into your little secret!!!!! :clouds1:



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The Big stars are if your an admin or a mod, the smaller gold stars are for post counts, for people with 0-100 posts you get 1 star, 100-250 posts = 2 stars, 250-500 = 3 stars and 500+ posts = 4 stars.

We have the option of doing the thing where you can vote for how good a post is, but in my experience it's always ended up causing more problems than it's worth :clouds1:

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