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Maybe silly question


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You mean like the ol' Captain's three pull telescopes??

Good question!

The Dobbie has collapsable trusses...why not a refractor?

(Might affect the internal baffling and final optical alignment?)

Yeah, thats the type, think you can get pocket spotting scopes(brass jobbies), i would have thought it would be a workable thing though, in this day and age.

Heres hoping someone will do it, then i can add a 120mm refractor without losing a quarter of my storage space:D

If not, maybe a three piece screw together?:)

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I would guess that it is a case of rigidity. To get a multisection rigid enough that the lens remains central would mean a very substantial set of tubes with a very tight fit. They would weigh a lot more then a single tube. No baffles in any of the upper sections either would be possible.

I could easily see one sagging by say 1/2mm and this is too much for the accuracy that is required these days for the uses/purposes that astronomical scopes are required to do.

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