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Someone in the lounge mentioned a free app called Moon Globe. It really is rather nice and if you haven't already seen it, I suggest you get it. As the HD version is only 69p, I wondered whether anyone had any experience of it? Some people seem to suggest that there is no real difference unless you have an ipad. I will probably get it anyway, for the sake of a few pennies, but wondered whether anyone has already tried it? Thank you.

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I have it on my iPod Touch and absolutely love it. It is possible to zoom in as much as you can see with a scope and match the views (mirror image/upside down) to the view with the eyepiece but with the craters labelled.

As well as seeing the current view you can change the lighting to suit any phase - very clever.

It's a jolly good 69ps worth. I also like Mars HD although that is not so useful in the same way, as the zoom in is far more than can be seen through the scope.

Go for it!!


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