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Images July 13


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:):icon_salut::icon_salut:Wonderful Images, beautifully crisp and detailed. These certainly bring the sun to life!!

Aspirational work. Thanks for sharing.

What equipment are you using Dave?

Tips on image processing welcome.


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Thnx Stu

My HA setup is a pst mod using the PST box) with a sky watcher 120mm achro and Baader 130mm DERF

White light is the skywatcher and a Baader herscel wedge

Camera is a DMK21

Processed in Regi 6 and Photoshop

SOme basic tips-

Try and image as early as possible, balance between the sun being high enough and before the ground starts heating up and throwing off the seeing

Focus focus focus, take your time, get to know what a focused image looks like on the screen, when its wobbling around its not as easy as it sounds.

I use linked wavelets in Regi6 and normally just play with number 1&2

As the sun is so dynamic always post your imgs on SGL regardless of the quality as you may have picked up something no one else has.


Anything more specific feel free....

Dave Gradwell

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Thanks for the information and tips Dave. That Skywatcher 120mm Ha setup certainly gives good resolution.

If I can't improve my image processing, I'll come back to you for some help if that would be OK?



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