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CPC Deluxe Range


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I love my cpc as well i wondered hoiw long it would be before the Edge HD OTA's were married up to the CPC mounts...

I cover the unused connections on my mount over with a small piece of duct tape...

I am hoping it will get a bit more use this year for some video astronomy :smiley:


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They do look pretty good but I have spotted one potential design flaw.

All the plug sockets are on the top face under the OTA so on a dewy night all that condensation will drip off the OTA straight into the electrics!

Not had that problem with my CPC, but I do notice that they have changed the base from silver to black, with just an area around the ports in silver. From a practical basis that is much better as I find silver paint lifts with time and looks a little thin in places on my CPC already.


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This is a silly idea and you'd be wasting your money if you bought one.

Edge optics are designed for imaging.

A fork mounted SCT isn't an imaging scope primarily (you can do it but you need a wedge and it can be really tricky)

Consequently, buying a CPC with Edge optics would defeat the object....either stick with a standard CPC, or buy an Edge OTA and GEM mount.


PS....I've owned 2 fork mounted SCT's and have an 11 inch Edge HD.

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