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Hi, I'm looking to get a cheshire and sight tube for my 8 inch newtonian and I was wondering which brand is most recomended and if its better to buy it seperate or combined, I'm not interested in a laser yet and I've used the film canister already but now I'd like something of quality.

Thank you

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Any Cheshire will do, or you could even make your own. It's not a high-tech piece of equipment, though maybe some brands are more nicely machined than others. It doesn't matter if it isn't a silky smooth fit in the focuser - slop is not an issue with a Cheshire, as it is with a laser. As long as the cross-hairs meet in the middle it will work fine.

Just one little thing to think about, the Cheshire should ideally have the same f-ratio (length to diameter) as the scope. If it's too long and your scope is fast then you may not see the whole of the primary mirror. But your 8-inch is probably an f6 and I should think that any Cheshire will do for you.

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