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  1. If your not going to be using them, might as well try and sell them to someone who might get some use out of them
  2. Oh okay so you suggest just centering the spider vanes?
  3. Okay so I'm very confused about whether or not an offset on the secondary is necessary for collimation and if it is required for each scope. I have an 8 inch dobsonian from Skywatcher with a F/ratio of 5.9 and I'm not sure if I need an offset or not and if so, how exactly does it work and by how much would the offset be? Thank you
  4. I had no idea it wasn't appropriate in UK I'm curious though, how come?
  5. Hi, I've searched around on the internet but havnt had much luck in finding a good online telescope store that ships to Canada for a reasonable price or free and was wondering what site you Canucks use?
  6. Alright thanks guys, but is there a big difference between the brands? Or are they mostly the same quality?
  7. Hi, I'm looking to get a cheshire and sight tube for my 8 inch newtonian and I was wondering which brand is most recomended and if its better to buy it seperate or combined, I'm not interested in a laser yet and I've used the film canister already but now I'd like something of quality. Thank you
  8. What are some cheap upgrades that you can buy or make yourself for a dobsonian telescope, I'm looking for some cheap summer projects and am curious to know what people have done?
  9. How hot are we talking about? Because I've brought my scope out mid afternoon plenty of times for collimation.
  10. Hi, I found a great video that I thought explained things very well for collimating a Newtonian reflector for the first time, I know it helped me Collimating a Newtonian
  11. I was lucky, for the first time in 2 weeks the clouds cleared up and I had a beautiful view.
  12. I always wanted one of those as a kid, they seemed so impressive. My parents were pretty smart with not letting me get one due to the low quality.
  13. I cant believe they we're just going to throw that out!
  14. The colour in your picture is stunning
  15. I still have yet to see a DSO because of the lack of a dark sky, im hoping I see some this summer camping
  16. Last weekend we had clear skies but no luck for this one :/
  17. This photo is amazing, I cant believe the detail.
  18. How does this new lantern work? I'm curious because I'd really like to do something about the lights outside my house as well also, what did you request from city council?
  19. I'm in the same boat as you, my left eye is the dominant one while I am right handed. I've never really thought about it though.
  20. Thanks everyone, I decided to go with the Vixen NLV Lanthanum - 5mm
  21. Thanks, this is the first eyepiece that I will be buying, does a longer eye relief effect the sharpness or quality of the view?
  22. I'm having trouble deciding which planetary eyepiece to get for my 8 inch dobsonian, my budget is around 150$ and I was wondering whether a good amount of eye relief is too much of a quality sacrifice. The four that I have been looking at are; Celestron Ultima LX - 5mm Vixen NLV Lanthanum - 5mm and 6mm Baader Hyperion - 5mm Baader Genuine Orthoscopic - 5mm and 6mm Any advice for about these or suggestions for others in my budget?
  23. Hi I'm new here from Vancouver, 15 years old, got an 8 inch dobsonian last summer and have been using it on every clear night which don't come by very often.
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