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  1. I secure a chemical hand warmer to the side of the telrad with an elastic band. Works great. Have been doing this for about 3 years now. Eric
  2. A new version will almost certainly be released within the next 12 months. When that happens it is usually half price for the first month. Thats when I might go from plus to pro. Eric
  3. RA clutch tight? N/S switch on N? Bolt that attaches motor sleeve to RA stem tight against the flat part of the stem? Wire that plugs into back of controller all the way in? Thats all I got for now. Eric
  4. A comfortable adjustable height observing chair like the Starbound that I have in addition to some form of tracking in RA and I am in observing heaven. Eric
  5. They may not be dead center but all of your 1.25 accessories will be pointing in exactly the same direction with no slop. This is great for using 1.25 collimation tools in a 2" focuser. I am quite pleased with mine in my moonlite although it is really a tight fit in the focuser tube. I now find that I have gotten used to the tight fit and inserting and removing the parallizer seems a lot easier now then when I first got it. Another advantage if you have 2" filters the parallizer has the depth so that you can use 1.25" eyepieces without worrying about the barrel of the eyepiece hitting the filter. I don't think you are being to picky, I find it to be a great accessory. Eric
  6. I got a 2.37" tube length but that was because I needed that travel for binoviewers. It is best to measure the distance from the tube to the shoulder of your current focuser for each eyepiece at focus to really know the length that you want. Eric
  7. The Moonlites are as low profile as you want them to be. They come with spacers that allow for different configurations. I found the website to be confusing the first time but everything is there somewhere. It was a simple drop in replacement for my XT10 and well worth the investment. Call Ron at Moonlite for exact info. (oops just realized that might be expensive from where you are) Eric
  8. The focal length of the Orion is about 1200mm compared to the 900mm of the 120. So the max FOV of the Orion would be less than the 120. An ED80 might be your best choice for large FOV's Eric
  9. I'm thinking that the 6.7mm ES would give you a nice wide 70x with a little more comfortable eyerelief than orthos or plossls. Doubling up to 140x on sunspots when the seeing allows. You may also find that you like it on the moon with that scope as well. Eric
  10. SkySafari Plus will give you all you need and a lot less expensive than pro. Eric
  11. Finally got the California Nebula this year. Many attempts in the past but this time I had a dark sky and an H-Beta filter. Eric
  12. Your welcome. I also like the ability to flip the view to match my eyepiece view with this menu. Eric
  13. Do you know that you can also tap the top right corner and get a drop down menu that allows you to turn 3 user defined rings on or off. This without having to switch on 'show FOV even if telescope not connected' Eric
  14. I use this http://www.telescope.com/Accessories/Telescope-Drives-Controllers/Orion-EQ-3M-Single-Axis-Telescope-Drive/c/3/sc/46/p/7829.uts?ensembleId=6 on my cg4. Works and fits fine. Don't know if you can get it where you are or not. Eric
  15. Bye the way, The Telrad base comes off easily with a hair dryer. Mine came off after 5 years and it took all of 5 min. This http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_telo.htm is what I now use on all my scopes. Eric
  16. I would leave that alone, it looks pretty good to me Eric
  17. I really like the Televue 2.5x powermate. It's pricier then most 2x barlows but very few users have anything but positive remarks about it. Eric
  18. I think you are talking about the clutches you release to slew the telescope in RA and DEC. You dont have to disengage the motor to do this. The RA drive is used instead of the RA slow mo for centering an object therefore the RA slow mo is not needed. If the scope is well balanced you find what you are looking for, get it in the eyepiece (the scope should hold its position) and then tighten the RA and DEC clutches. The RA motor will automatically start tracking at this point. Eric
  19. I just adjust the diagonal, seems to work for me. Never mind, I had trouble reading the fine print in your sig. wrong scope type lol Eric
  20. Dont no how to delete this post, NOT the one above.
  21. Jim at Scopestuff is great to deal with, about 6 orders in the last 14months and no complaints with great service when I have called him. Eric
  22. You would be surprised how a telrad on a 4" riser will eliminate those contortionist posiltions when combined with a RACI finder. Eric
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