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webcam astro photography

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hi all, i recently purchased a modified webcam for my scope

Philips Astro Cam - A geat way to get into Astro Imaging

i played around last night for a few hours, it works gread through the barlow(2x) but i could not get it to focus directly through the scope, any ideas why?

this obvisouly means im limited to high magnification when really id prefer the option of less mag aswell.

any advice would be grateful

when i get my head around using registax ill be sure to post some pics


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a common issue with newtonian scopes not enough inward travle on the focuser. strangly enough there is a thread a few lines up from this one (at time of posting) covering the same thing. its been said that you can move your primary mirror up the ota but its not reccomended. apart from this i dont think there is a work around. what would happen if you added a focal reducer? would that just make it worse? need someone with more knowledge than i to answer that one.

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