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  1. not sure if this has been posted before
  2. never seen this before but its my new favourite pic
  3. thanks,i think i'll get a x3 and maybe a x4,i have tried with a x5 but no joy didnt realise i had captured the transit cheers for pointing it out
  4. had another go at jupiter after my second attempt failed done using x2 barlow and spc900 would i benefit from getting a x3? Capture 28_09_2011 03_36_29.bmp
  5. i got a Baader OIII Filter for imaging but after finding the nebula i put the filter on and it improved the view from my light polluted garden,i cant comment on the others as ive never used them
  6. my mate has eq5 and he went to maplin to buy the power tank but found out he didnt need it,he took his battery pack with him and they sorted him out a battery that runs it for hours,think it cost him around £30
  7. i saw orion nebula last night for first time using 102 refractor and OIII filter:D
  8. i dont have a x3 but was thinking would 2 x2 barlows work?i aint gonna get to try anytime soon with the way this weather is
  9. nice one jimmy can see that being very helpful:icon_salut:
  10. it was clear for an hour or so but i didnt get round to drift alignment
  11. thanks for your help,hope i can sort this for tonight looks like its gonna be clear for a change
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