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help please

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could really do with some help and advice,

i,ve got a meade ls 8" goto gps,if you now this scope its supposed to be as easy as flipping a switch and it will find where it is via gps and automatically find north and then find four stars to set itself,and away you go....... great but my scope doesnt seem to do this,

it will find three guidance stars which i can see through the eyepiece dead center and when it goes to the forth star i can see it in eyepeice but the scope tells me it cant see it, and then sits in default mode and i have to start proccedure again with the same results.

i,ve tried a reset on the handset and had the latest software sent to me by the supplier only to find i get a good nights veiwing after installing the mini sd disc but after shutdown and the next night out i,m back to square one and the blasted thing wont align again.

am i being stupid or do you think there,s a problem with the software?

thanks in anticipation


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hi to answer both questions yes it does have a three star alignment process again with the same results,

and when you switch it on you can hit mode a couple of times and you can cancel the auto set up and enter your time date location manually,i,ve tried this quite often at home as the scope was not picking up gps in certain parts of my garden

but again the scope was slewing all over the place and eventually turned itself upside down!

i also use mains power with the scope and dont rely on batterries.

thanks for replying


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Good scope but there have been issues with the technology - with many people like you not getting the GOTO.

One of the things critical for this scope to work is a 180 degree clear view of the sky - if you don't have this it can really mess things up. Many people have found the only way to do this is to take it to the local park.

Speak to a guy like Steve at Telescope House who know's Meade inside out.

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