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  1. Thanks - Finally got this sorted - Thanks Ian. Contacted Astrozap who are sending me the dedicated one with a postage at a reasonable $18. Total cost of around £36, paid via Paypal. If anyone is thinking of doing the same Joe is Astrozap sales was very helpful. Andy
  2. Hi I have one of these scopes. Problem is that I am looking for a dewshield and there seem to be no dedicated ones - just the flexible one's designed for 8" OTA's which don't fit that well - any thoughts/advice. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi I currently have a Celestron Nexstar 6SE, Ikharos 102mm Apo and Skytee. I have had real problems with the 6SE with the scope having been replaced once already due to the "No Response 16" Error code - which indicates a motor fault. The error has now occured again after 3 months. I have agreed with the shop that I want to change as I have lost confidence in the electronics (not the optics). I have decided that I am likely to go for a Skymax 180 Pro. I realise the issues around cooldown time (plan to keep in Garage) but I really do want a good planetery scope. Not bothered about a motorised mount at moment. It would be good to get some opinions on the Skymax 180. What are it's strengths and weaknesses ? I really like Apo high contrast imageds (the Ikharos is great) and have heard that this scope comes reasonably near with high contrast images - this is certainly the view of the guys at first light optics. First hand experience greatly appreciated. Cheers Andy
  4. I think they are internet only. They might welcome personal callers - but double check with Steve or James at FLO
  5. Some good advice here. I would highly recommend the ikharos 102 apo - sold by Ian King - it is a great scope and just about grab and go, and comes with a flattener/reducer if you want to get into photography at some point. Just read some of the reviews on this site.
  6. The Mexborough and Swinton Astro Society is supposed to be good and do things with Rother Valley Optics. An alternative worth considering. Mexborough & Swinton Astronomical Society
  7. The build quality of the revelation is exceptional - it is one of the few on the market where the body is machined from a solid block of Aluminium.
  8. I am also fanatical about quality and to me build quality is key as well as the general "feel" of the scope. The quality of the Televue goes without saying. I would have thought a Williams Optics Gt-81 would be a good compromise or a ikharos 102 - the quality is excellent and it includes a 3" focuser. I would go for aperture every time - as long as the quality is right.
  9. As people have said the same scope is available under different brands at a lower price. If you want the Meade I would wait for the 10% off weekends that Telescope House have regularly. But as Olly says the AA 115 is a better scope
  10. Interesting situation. For a budget of £1300 - which is what the LS6/SE8 would cost I would think about getting the SE6 and the Ikharos 102mm Apo refractor. Best prices are SE6 - £769 Ikharos - £575 I have both and they are brilliant - the Ikharos is amazing value and comes with a focal reducer/flattener - just look at some of the reviews it has had here on SGL. You can then pick up a CG5 later for the Apo. Remember advice is free !
  11. I was considering this scope and did alot of research. It is fair to say the technology has been hit and miss. Certain retailers who sell meade will not sell the LS range - such as Green Witch. The problem seems to be the amount of clear sky needed for accurate auto alignment - some say a whole 180 degrees of sky. Worth speaking to the guys at Green witch and Steve in the technical dept at Telescope House. I know some guys have them and swear by them but other have had problems. If it was me I would go for a LT series of the 8SE Best of luck
  12. Welcome to SGL. Quite a few people with a good camera set up who are interested in Widefield are looking at the Astrotrac system - which seems to get a good write up. Still not cheap but highly regarded First Light Optics - Astrotrac TT320X-AG
  13. I have just purchased a 6SE as a get up and go scope. Mounted the OTA onto the fork arm and had the dreaded no response 16 error code. Took it back to the shop and they tried a different controller - no difference. No response 16 is a motor error. I would speak to steve or james at FLO who know their stuff. Just disappointed this happened with Celestron as they do have a reputation for reliability. The No response 16/17 is a relatively common error on the Nexstar.
  14. Great service from FLO (as usual). I don't know many other interests where certain retailers as so accommodating as Astronomy. Agreed - SW are usually good. Sounds like a Friday afternoon special !
  15. I suppose it would happen soon enough. Celestron are about to launch the CPC edge HD series. Makes you wonder what the pricing structure will be ? Celestron CPC Telescopes
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