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  1. pm cyborg421 he has long and lat co ords and has shown me many times enjoy! andy
  2. was at keeling heath on monday night with a friend who thinks astronomy is boring..... turned the scope to saturn and could,nt believe the wow that came from him!!! twenty minutes and a beer later i finally got to get back on the scope again!!
  3. its not just me then! i,ve been out tonight with my cpc 9.25 2.5 barlow and 6mm delos, nothing but an orange orb! swapped to saturn and had some great views... keep reading these reports about surface features etc and i can't get anything.... oh well keep trying,enjoy it really!
  4. thanks for the feed back i,ll give them a ring monday andy
  5. thought i,d go and see what its like for myself usually stop at beeston regis weather reports say its going to be ok ish so i thought i,d give it a go....
  6. oh bad spelling!! should read parties!
  7. off to keeling heath on monday does anyone go apart from the sgl star partys?
  8. hi after using my delos over christmas on a windy cliff i capped and put away, after not using for a while i took out and noticed fine sand and grit around the lense, after gently cleaning and using a blower on the lens i find nothing will come into focus and the delos will now not lock and just twists and twists... i realise i have damaged the eyepiece and was wondering if anyone new of a repair cleaning service offered by anyone? andy
  9. i took my dob to a windy cliff top in cromer over the new year period and got lots of dust and muck all over the primary... I've been stressing about cleaning it since but now looking at this its not that bad!!
  10. wicked!! don't you just love em...
  11. Thanks Keith I thought as much and thanks for the links, Much appreciated, Andy
  12. hi have just received cpc 9.25 and had a meade 2" star diagonal included in the bundle. after setting up scope i have looked at the meade diagonal and noticed the barrel is threaded,so removed supplied celestron diagonal and visual back and tried to attach to the back of cpc,only to find the two don't fit as the meade seems to small. do i need an adaptor of some kind ? i,ve phoned the supplier who doesn't seem to know and is ringing me back when he can get some more information,but in the meantime i,d thought i,d look for some advice on here any suggestions? thanks andy
  13. there really are some strange and intriguing moons out there my only fear is we will never agree to study and examine them due to cost, which i find depressing on a daily basis just think of the discoveries we could make if we just stopped fighting each other. sorry if a bit downbeat but we as a species we need to reach out and discover just whats is in are own"backyard"
  14. hi jamie i,m still waiting for mine to be delivered(supposed to be here tuesday,but star diagonal was,nt in stock) grrrr!!! chased it up yesterday and supplier is now sending on monday just got the shipment update from fed ex!! enjoy it andy
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