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Solar viewing newbie


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Hello everyone had my scope for about a month now and seen some amazing things but thought it was time to have a go at solar observing, Will i just need the Baader solar film? As i have a flextube i wasnt sure if i needed to cover the middle or not, Hope this isnt a stupid question

Any help will be great thanks


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I would cover the central open section with something. Sunlight could get down to the mirror and you only have one set of eyes.

Even if the unfiltered sunlight is off axis there will still be an image of it somewhere. You may not observe it directly however the image will be hot and so could damage a part of the scope.

It is simply a case of being overly careful, some lightweight card between the struts should ba all required

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I agree with Ronin, dont take ANY chances and cover the middle.

You will also notice a massive difference in your normal "night" viewing with the centre coved as well, as for your solar viewing Baader solar will be all you need to get going, just make sure when you fit it that it completely covers the open end and that NO light can get in any where else, you can also just use the little hole, the one that is on the dust cover.

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