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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there are any groups in suffolk or if any of you guys meet up in the suffolk area?
  2. Hello everyone ive seemed to lost a screw on my finder scope that helps to allign from what i see in the finder scope to what i see in the eyepiece, Does anyone know where i can get one? Thanks
  3. Has anyone here got any views on best webcam for using with a dob? Want to give it ago but not sure which webcam to go for, thanks
  4. Id love to start doing a bit of planet and lunar imaging has anyone here managed this with a dob? be great to hear your views and to help me out Thanks
  5. I have the standard eyepieces for the 300p, would like to see more detail on planets galaxies and clusters, budget would be upto 150 i suppose and i dont wear glasses thanks
  6. Hello everyone, had my dob for about a year now and what a great choice it was, its my first scope but now im thinking of getting some new eyepieces, can anyone point me in the right direction? cheers
  7. Hello everyone when is the best night for viewing the Lyrids? ive heard some people say the 21st and the 26th is this right? any help would be great thanks everyone
  8. Download stellaruim you will be able to see everything on there also you can adjust the time to show you what's out when
  9. Hi Chris how big are the observatory scopes at seething?
  10. Hi Chris near diss, also have a field in wortwell just off the a143 which I may start to use as i think it will be a good dark site
  11. Thanks Chris I'll have a look at the group
  12. Hi does anyone here go to any of the clubs/groups in Norfolk, been thinking about going to one for a while to learn abit more and to meet like minded people, Do they take there scopes up there?
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