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First go at Saturn


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This is my first go at webcam imaging.

Iv'e had the SPC880Nc (flashed to spc900) for a while, but just got a netbook to actually plug it into.

I know Saturn is on the way out now so thought I'd better have a go.

This was with a SW127 mak and the SW 2X barlow (as supplied). The avi was 1151 frames taken at 10 fps. Stacked in Registax 6.

I'm quite pleased to be able to see Cassini (just about!).

I think I'll look into trying to make a bahtinov mask to help focusing, as this is really difficult to do with the webcam.

Anyway, thanks for looking, any comments welcome.


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Very good first image! If you get another go you may want to up your gain setting a tad -you'll get more detail. Don't worry if the live view on screen looks very noisy on the screen as this disappears with stacking. Nice capture :)

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A high standard at the first showing, very impressive.

I started using a mask, its good to take away that nagging worry over whether better focus could have produced a better result.

They can be tricky to use but well worth persisting with. The standard SW barlow is a bit poor, I got much better results with a better barlow.



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Thanks for your kind comments and advice.:)

Well I had a go at making a bahtinov mask, you can print them from this website. Took me ages to cut out all the slots, but I had a go with it and it does work, and makes the focusing procedure much quicker and easier.

Barry, yes the SW barlow might be a factor in this (although it is the deluxe one), I've heard good things about the Tal 2x and 3x barlows so I might look into this.


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