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Just bought a Baader Mk3 Zoom eyepiece

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Hi gang,

Well as I'm new here, thought I'd share my latest purchase with you all.

After reading a few "eyepiece" threads on here I decided to buy myself a Baader 8-24 zoom eyepiece over buying a few new eyepieces. I have to say it's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. Feels a very solid, well made piece of kit!

I've only used it once so I can't offer a useful review, I did however spend an hour or so just viewing the moon on Friday night. Firstly the views are fantastic ;), offering really nice sharp images across the zoom range! Even through the 'not so great' 2x barlow that was supplied with my scope it still offers a great image when viewing at the higher end of magnification. I can't wait for the clear skies to return so I can test it further.

Really looking forward to seeing Saturn and locating M13 for my next session.

Well I am officially on the slippery slope now as I have already been googling suitable yet affordable cameras for my first step into astrophotography. ;)

So all in all I feel it is an excellent piece of kit which has further re-ignited my passion for astronomy ;)

Clear skies.

Greg :eek:

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Congratulations on your purchase! I have the same eyepiece and although I was at first sceptical but what they might show, Like yourself I have to admit they're pretty good. Very useful bit of kit for anyone starting out as the zoom facility really does demonstrate how shorter focal lengths stretch the light which results in the dimming of the viewed image and therefore will help in deciding what fixed focal length eyepiece would best suit a given scope. Not too heavy an eyepiece compared to some of the 'grenades' out there and the stars are pretty sharp to the edge of the field of view. Will certainly be a keeper for me.

Thanks for your review.


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I'm looking to get this at the end of the month. Please give us a update when we get some clearer sky's as I'm looking forward to getting mine so will be pleased to hear your review.

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Finally got a chance to use the zoom eyepiece again last night! Only spent an hour or so observing Saturn with and without my x2 barlow lens. I could see 2 of Saturns moons and could easily make out the different coloured bands on the planet and could see the 'gap' between the rings and the planet. I couldn't quite resolve cassini division but thats down to my scope not the eyepiece.

.............Aperture fever setting in already! :eek:

This eyepiece continues to impress. So much so I've been wandering round my local area trying to find a darker yet convenient viewing spot which locate some DSO's. Roll on tonight that's all i gotta say for now.


I would recommend this eyepiece if funds permit. I've only viewed the moon and Saturn so far due to clouds, but it is definately a worthwhile piece of kit. Will comment further when I use it again (hopefully tonight).

Hope it helps.


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